Samsung Smart Tv Twitch : Good bye !

Samsung Smart Tv Twitch

Samsung Smart Tv Twitch is Removed

Recently, the sports community using Samsung Smart TV was surprised. The reason is that suddenly you can’t access the Twitch application that you can normally access from Samsung Smart TV, you can also delete it.

Users of Samsung Smart TV who tried to access the Twitch application were greeted with an information message saying: “This TwitchTV has been cancelled and is no longer available “.

Samsung also moved quickly to confirm that TwitchTV now had “retired “. In fact, TwitchTV is a favorite channel for sports fans using Samsung Smart TV.

Esports fans also speculate that TwitchTV is present on the Samsung Smart TV is not an official application so revoked.

Reddit users are also disappointed that TwitchTV has been removed from Samsung Smart TV.

Of course, this disappointment is understandable, because clearly there is a difference when you see a game on Twitch with a laptop or PC with TV.

Let’s hope that Samsung can provide a more detailed explanation for sports fans not to be disappointed with the decisions taken by Samsung.

About Twitch

Twitch.TV is a live and on-demand video streaming platform that gives users the ability to view broadcasts of all their favorite console and PC games, be they retro, sporting, first-person, multiplayer and more, as well as create channels and Upload your own videos.

In addition to this, Twitch claims to be “home to the most dedicated and highly trained players on the planet,” with some of the industry’s biggest gaming events, including game competitions and marathons. Twitch.TV also gives users the ability to interact with each other through live chat and moderate forums.

Recently, Twitch has even moved to the music market, with the ability to include in his videos an ever-increasing library of EDM-centric rights-free music.

Twitch gives you a lot of presentation tools. You can title your broadcast, set the privacy settings so that only certain people can tune your source and generate a transmission key that allows other people who have streaming software transmission to their channels. The latest is incredibly useful for multipersonal equipment. You can also bookmark and share videos on Facebook and Twitter. The pages are more concerned about including as much information as possible, rather than presenting it in an aesthetically pleasing way, but that is also true for competition.

Twitch used to automatically archive the transmitted videos by default, like Google Hangouts, but no longer (now you have to immerse yourself in the options and set it up). If you want your videos to be recoverable at a later time, be sure to activate this feature or you will lose everything. Twitch is clearly focused on live broadcasts, unlike the YouTube games and its sparse split between live and recorded content. However, users can create playlists of pre-recorded videos to play when their broadcasts are not live.

In 2016, Twitch acquired Curse, a chat client for PC Games, and renamed it in 2017 as the Twitch Desktop application. The software, which is still in the beta version, contains many of the Curse tools, including community-based game modifications and sharp voice and video calls. If you were a Curse user before Twitch acquired the service, you can combine your Curse and Twitch accounts into a practical and unified friend list.

The application also allows you to create your own Twitch server and allow others to watch videos inside the chat, even when it is not connected.

Twitch is the face of streaming video game content for a good reason: it’s easy to use and has enough flexibility to cater to both occasional and major users. Basic accounts have to deal with some discordant ad videos, but in general, Twitch is the place to go to receive professional and amateur video game transmissions. As a result, Twitch is the choice of PCMag publishers to broadcast video game services.


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