LG 65UH8500 Review SUPER UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV

LG 65UH8500 Review

LG 65UH8500 Review – High dynamic vary (HDR) video, whether or not from streaming sources like Netflix and Amazon, or 4K Blu-ray discs, is that the best supply you’ll be able to watch reception these days. LG deserves credit for being the primary TV maker to support each varieties of HDR content, Dolby Vision and HDR10, with its 2016 TVs. these days a minimum of, which means TVs just like the UH8500 will access a lot of HDR TV shows and flicks than different devices.

That leaves the show a part of the equation, that is wherever the UH8500 comes up short. At CES I known as out LG’s “Super UHD” promoting term, denoting its best non-OLED TVs, as overtly by-product of rival Samsung’s SUHD whole. currently that I’ve had an opportunity to check each TVs directly, side-by-side, it’s clear that the LG UH8500 is that the less “super” of the 2.

LG’s OLED TVs, on the opposite hand, very ar super. In fact, the 55-inch member of the UH8500 series prices even as very much like the 55EG9100, LG’s most cost-effective OLED. In terms of supply compatibility and last options, the UH8500 is superior. except for pure image quality, the lowly non-4K, non-HDR curved OLED is far higher. it isn’t even shut.

LG conjointly makes some of different connected series sorted underneath the Super appellative, the UH7700 and UH9500 series. each have similar image quality to the UH8500 reviewed here, consistent with LG. the sole image quality distinction the corporate given was in color gamut; the more-expensive 8500 and 9500 models cowl ninety p.c of the DCI/P3 color house, and therefore the 7700 concerning eighty four p.c (see below for more). The 8500 and 9500 even have 3D whereas the 7700 doesn’t. Between the 8500 and 9500, the sole distinction is styling; the 9500 has Associate in Nursing “Ultra Slim style with 4-sided even bezel” consistent with LG.

LG 65UH8500 Review

LG 65UH8500 Review : Color

TVs these days look essentially an equivalent, with skinny frames and a lot of or less-thin cupboards, that the major external distinction typically comes all the way down to color: black or silver? The quietly engaging LG UH8500 goes the mostly-silver route with its metallike end, deed simply a skinny strip of black butting up against the screen. LG conjointly continues its recent quirk of coloring the rear of the TV white.

The remote is largely an equivalent as last year, and i am a devotee. LG unbroken its trademark motion management, that permits you to whip round the menus with a responsive pointer instead of a plodding directional data input device. That data input device continues to be obtainable too, if you wish it, along side a slick rubberized scroll wheel.

The clicker is larger than several and depends a lot of on buttons than the menu system, however since they are logically placed and simple to differentiate by feel, i do not mind. Cable box management is distinguished, though management for different devices is not nearly as advanced as Samsung’s system. On the opposite hand, motion management did work on all the apps we have a tendency to tried, and LG says it works on each app within the system.

LG 65UH8500 Review

LG 65UH8500 Review : 4k Streaming

I like the competitive 2016 sensible TV systems from Samsung, Sony (Android TV) and particularly Roku TV over LG’s latest incarnation of its net OS sensible TV system. I appreciate that LG’s menus ar snappier and easier to use than before, and therefore the new “focus zoom” to enlarge on-screen alternatives is cool, however they appear a lot of untidy — particularly currently that there is an advert on the house page — and fewer intuitive than the others.

4K streaming with Dolby Vision HDR is accessible from Netflix, Amazon and Vudu, that outpaces the HDR choice of Samsung (which lacks Vudu’s HDR) and Vizio (which lacks Amazon’s) and matches Sony’s. 4K-capable apps embody YouTube and Xfinity’s lame 4K sampler, erstwhile exclusive to Samsung, that solely works for Comcast subscribers.

Other apps ar hit or miss. You get Hulu, Crackle, MLB TV, Plex, Google Play Movies and television, Spotify and Pandora, as an example, however LG’s system is missing each HBOs (Go and Now), point (or Anytime), Pluto TV, Sling TV, Watch ESPN, CBS All Access, PBS, PBS children and a lot of. Roku and automaton TV have all of these, and lots of a lot of niche apps too, whereas Samsung’s choice is concerning an equivalent, offer or take some services.

LG 65UH8500 Review : Apps

To browse new apps you will visit the LG Content Store, that conjointly lists TV shows and flicks from totally different streaming services. it is a frustrating thanks to realize new stuff to look at. The suggestions ar variety of a hodgepodge, menu style is a smaller amount than intuitive and rating from Amazon is not listed till you click through. you’ll be able to conjointly search TV shows and flicks via voice or text, however results ar conferred during a confusing approach, and once more less satisfying than Roku, Samsung or automaton TV, despite tight voice recognition.

In the finish LG’s system is sweet enough to urge the work done, however today’s external streaming devices, and lots of competitive sensible TV systems, ar superior.

LG 65UH8500 Review

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