Huawei Honor Smart TV : The First Smart TV with Harmony OS

Huawei Honor Smart TV

Huawei Honor Smart TV – Huawei Honor Vision comes with a very beautiful design. The design looks almost without a frame with a screen to body ratio ratio of 94%. The screen panel comes with a size of 55 inches whose resolution is 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels. This smart TV also supports HDR, 87 percent NTSC color gamut and offers a screen brightness level of up to 400 nits.

To support the smart features, Honor Vision is driven by the 28nm 818 Hongjun chipset developed by Huawei HiSilicon with Baidu. According to Huawei the chipset is optimized for high-resolution audio and video output that supports H.265 video up to 4K resolution at 60fps.

Then what’s so special about HarmonyOS on this TV? According to Huawei, HarmonyOS is an operating system developed for smart devices including smartphones, speakers, TVs and others. HarmonyOS is supported by the HiLink feature which allows Honor Vision to act as a hub to control all smart devices at home. Not only that, users can also stream, share files to control this TV from a smartphone or tablet.

Honor Vision is available with two choices of models namely the standard and pro versions. The pro version includes an additional 1080p pop-up camera that can be used for video calls with support for AI features including face recognition, and tracking posture and gestures. In this pro version Huawei also provides a larger storage space of 32GB, twice the standard version of which is only 16GB.

For other features, Honor Vision is equipped with 6 mic that can be used to control its virtual assistant named YoYo. Through the help of YoYo users can also interact with this TV only through voice commands from distances of up to about 5 meters.

The Honor Vision TV screen has a light level of 400 nits and is able to accommodate 87 percent of NTSC colors.

With a very thin bezel, only 6.9 mm in size makes this Smart TV look elegant.

The HarmonyOS operating system will run the Honghu 818 octa-core processor.

Thanks to this process, Honor Vision TV features HDR, Noise Reduction, to Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation (MEMC).

Honghu 818 will be embedded in the HiSilicon Hi1103 chipset that is capable of receiving 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 1600 MHz frequency signals.

In addition to receiving these frequencies, Honor Vision TV is able to receive data with download speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps, enough specifications for streaming.

Uniquely, this Huawei Honor Smart TV has a camera that can be used to make video calls and can detect faces, body positions, to gestures.

Because it runs using HarmonyOS, this Smart TV is able to connect with several devices such as mobile phones or tablets, including the smart home system.

Honor Vision starts at US $ 538 for the standard version and US $ 680 for the pro version. In the meantime this product will only be available in China and there is no info when it will be available globally.

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