How to Get HBO Now on Smart TV ? Quick Tips

How to Get HBO Now on Smart TV

About HBO Now

How to Get HBO Now on Smart TV – HBO NOW is great because for a long time it had to get a traditional HBO subscription through its cable provider to use the HBO GO streaming service. This new service is for online transmission only and does not require any cable packages. However, registering for HBO NOW requires an Apple device, which is strange as it does not need an Apple device to view the content. You can also use HBO NOW through an application or at your Roku.

Once you are logged on to your Apple device, you can view TV programs or movies on your desktop, tablet, or a casting device on your TV. Both the Web site and the application are very easy to navigate and are well designed. The black background really makes each title stand out. What happens with HBO is that while you can see a variety of movies, almost all of the TV shows are original HBO. For example, you can’t see “The Office ” from NBC or “NCLS” from CBS, but you do have access to HBO exclusives like “Westworld ” and “Big Little Lies “. However, the service has current episodes of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver “, which airs on comedy Central. When it comes to movies, we find a huge library that covers all genres, with titles like “The Eight Crazy Nights of Adam Sandler “, “Blow ” and “Bride of Chucky “.

HBO NOW has parental controls to keep your children away from more adult content, and trust us, many of the content available are more targeted to adults. One of our reviewers experienced a lot of buffering before the start of each television show and others considered that the selection was missing. However, we really liked the lists “coming out soon ” and “forthcoming ” so you can plan your visit. Another thing that makes HBO NOW different is that it still launches new TV shows, episode by episode. Netflix, comparatively, tends to launch full seasons at a time. You will not experience the traditional commercials with HBO NOW, although we do notice that some titles play a preview of HBO at the beginning.

HBO GO got an A due to that data, a little better than YouTube Premium but not as good as Netflix. If money is not an object for you and your family, you can add additional services like Starz and Showtime to your HBO subscription to give you even more streaming content to choose from. If you subscribe to this service, you will also get a free trial of one month to decide if you like it. With excellent original content and access to a lot of popular TV shows and movies, it’s worth taking a look at HBO GO.

How to Get HBO Now on Smart TV ?

Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire tablet

Open Amazon Appstore on your device and look for HBO NOW. Once found, download HBO NOW.


From your Roku’s home screen, go to transmission channels > find channels and enter HBO NOW. Find HBO NOW and then choose Add Channel. For more information on adding channels, go to how to add channels to your Roku.

Samsung Smart TV

Go to the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV and look for HBO NOW. To get a list of compatible TVs, go to HBO NOW on Samsung TV and choose compatible devices.

Before you can subscribe via Samsung TV, log in to your Samsung account on your TV (go to Settings > Plus > System > Samsung account > login). To create an account, go to on your computer.

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