How to Download HBO GO on LG Smart TV : Quick Guide

How to Download HBO GO on LG Smart TV

HBO GO Overview

How to Download HBO GO on LG Smart TV – HBO GO falls under the scope of HBO services. HBO GO is different from HBO NOW, the independent streaming service offered by HBO. HBO NOW is available to anyone who wants to buy the subscription. HBO GO is a service designed for those currently paying a TV provider for cable or satellite services. While there are differences between transmission services, the content and user experience are almost identical.

HBO has set it up so that the subscribers of HBO GO and HBO NOW can enjoy exactly the same content. This includes all the movies and TV shows that are in your content library. HBO GO subscribers have unlimited access to each and every one of the HBO shows. There are no limitations in episodes or seasons. Unlimited access also extends to movies, sports, documentaries and comedy specials.

The access is not only unlimited, it is also instantaneous. Subscribers do not have to wait until the next episode or season ends before they can enjoy their favorite HBO programs. HBO has more than 125 exclusive shows available to its subscribers. In addition, subscribers also have access to more than 650 movies in their content library. With all the content to choose from, subscribers can also be sure that they will not have to go through long commercial breaks as the service provides a non-advertising experience.

How to Download HBO GO on LG Smart TV – While HBO GO is advertised as “gratis “, it is a bit misleading. HBO GO is not a typical transmission service, so it can be qualified as free, but there are still associated costs. HBO GO users should already have a cable or satellite service. These services often cost a lot every month. In addition, subscribers must also pay a monthly subscription fee only for HBO. That subscription rate usually varies from $10 to $20 per month. There are offers on which HBO is free for new TV customers, but those tests usually expire after 30-90 days. Therefore, while downloading and logging on HBO GO are “free “, subscribers are already paying for the service in other ways, which makes HBO GO a “benefit ” conveniently added.

HBO GO is a video-on-demand service provider that lets you watch your favorite HBO programs, popular movies and more, from your computer or smart device.

If you like HBO programs, HBO GO lets you watch your favorite HBO TV episodes from anywhere. You can see it from your computer or even from your smart device. While HBO GO will not give you access to cable or network programs, you can see all the episodes, movies and some HBO movies that were aired on HBO.

How to Download HBO GO on LG Smart TV – HBO GO is completely free with your HBO subscription. If you don’t have HBO, you won’t be able to access the broadcast service. To transmit content for free, you will need to log in with your HBO TV provider’s credentials. While HBO GO is free, you still have to pay for cable or satellite subscription. Some vendors offer a subscription to HBO TV for only $10 to $20.

If you don’t have an HBO subscription, you can buy HBO now for $14.99 a month, as an independent package.


Access: You have access to all episodes of your favorite HBO series, to a variety of movie options and more. In fact, you can access any episode on HBO, if it’s already aired or is being broadcast. Exclusive content — as a member, you can view exclusive interviews and other behind-the-scenes content. Watch lists — you can set up your own watch lists and customize your favorite programs to be added automatically.


You need to subscribe to HBO: To broadcast content for free via HBO GO, you will need an HBO subscription. You cannot access multimedia content in any other way. If you are not subscribed to HBO with your vendor, you can buy HBO now for $14.99 as a standalone package. Internet access is required to transmit.

HBO specific: With the broadcast service, you will not have access to all the classic movies and programs. Instead, your options are limited to HBO-specific content only. HBO GO does not include classic, cable or network TV programs.

HBO GO offers tons of TV shows and movie options. You can choose to search through the shows all together, or by genre. The network also offers Latino and family shows.

The HBO website has a separate section for all available movies. Movies can also be viewed by genre, or all together. Shows and movies are organized alphabetically.

How to Download HBO GO on LG Smart TV

HBO GO is available on LG Smart TV models 2016 and above with the 3.0 operating system and higher. To install the HBO GO app on your LG TV:

1. Visit the LG Content Store
2. Navigate to “Apps and games ” and search for “HBO GO ”
3. Select “HBO GO ” and select “Install ”

The HBO GO app can be downloaded for free from LG Content Store in Latin America or Brazil. To view the content of the HBO GO app, you will need a subscription to HBO through a participating pay TV operator, Internet provider, or you can subscribe directly via App Store or Google Play Store.

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