Hisense 55N6800 Review 4K ELED Ultra HD Televisions

Hisense 55N6800 Review

Hisense 55N6800 Review

Hisense 55N6800 Review – It was not so long ago that, in case you were considering spending less than £ 1000 on a 4K TV, you would probably be wasting your money in cash. In any case, in 2017, the best of the medium term offers a rather tempting recommendation without a doubt.

While the easier to recognize names have rushed to fight at the most expensive end of the market, brands like Hisense have been making moves with more reasonable series, and TVs like the 55N6800 are the result.

In case you are configured to meet your wishes in accordance with your sticker price of £ 700, the N6800 is a really convincing statement for yourself, offering a 4K essence that will not cost a fortune.

Not quite like many televisions in this market finish, the 55N6800 works emphatically, with a metal rim, a slim profile and a slim bezel that gives it an astute and unpretentious exterior.

Its base consists of two feet that open towards the outer edges of the TV. Fortunately, they are stuck enough so that you do not fight on a standard TV stand: the feet on this 55-inch screen are just over a meter away.

The associations are not bad, but at the same time they are not enough to impress anyone at this level. There are four HDMI, however, only two are HDMI 2.0 for 4K / 60fps HDR video, while the other two are HDMI 1.4 that offer 4K / 30 fps.

Hisense 55N6800 Review : Features

Elsewhere, there are three USB ports and composite and segment video contributions, with performances that include a headphone jack and an optical output to associate a sound bar.

For standard television viewing, Freeview HD and satellite tuners are implicit, and there is Wi-Fi nearby to reach the brilliant administrations of the N6800, with Ethernet access in case you are leaning towards it.

The remote control is the main thing that disappoints next. While it’s substantial and simple to use, it’s really plastical, which is why your screenshots click loudly when you enter passwords or browse channels.

The N6800 continues to inspire from a Smart TV point of view: the VIDAA U interface of the 55N6800 has almost all the benefits of lost time and the pre-requisite you may need, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Video (however, the latter seems that the 4K application was updated right now).

It even incorporates Freeview Play as its EPG, to get live television and seven days of lost time programming recovery from all the major UK channels. It is a frame eminently provided for a reasonable set.

Apparently it is not exactly as modern as the Samsung or LG frames, but it is still evident and simple to use.

Press the start control on the remote control and a cheerful and cheerful round will be displayed in the middle of the screen. This offers additional alternatives to access configurations, media or information sources, however, select the application symbol and you will access a full screen of applications to navigate. There is also a store where you can enter more.

Obviously, if it’s Netflix or YouTube that excites you (or Wuaki TV, even), the easy route captures on the remote control will get you there directly with a negligible faff.

Hisense 55N6800 Review : Performance

With a touch of adjustment to the configuration of the box, the N6800 is suitable for an extremely pleasant HD image without a doubt. When seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Blu-beam, the nuances are characteristic and highly valued, the diagrams are sharp and there is a good amount of detail.

Dark levels are also excellent for an LCD TV, although better televisions will discover a touch of detail in the shadows. In the same way, you should also be aware of how to set yourself up anywhere: your out-of-pivot views are somewhat sober, and you will see a big drop in the power of shading and differentiation when viewed from the side.

For an illuminated edge plate, the consistency of the background illumination is quite large, and there was no observable blur. The movement it deals with is additionally better than the average, regardless of being just a 60Hz board, we discovered that it generally did not require the assistance of the on-board movement controls, however, it helped to soften the strange jolt when it sprang up from Netflix. As this will be reduced to the taste, it deserves to play here to perceive what suits you best.




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